Visionary Music Group’s recording studios are equipped with the finest vintage and analog gear as well as the latest digital equipment. Utilizing a maxed out Pro Tools HDX2 & UAD Octo system, a deep collection of vintage analog gear a vast collection of plug ins, into 80 channels of high-end converters, routing our extensive collection of vintage analog gear through 2 Dangerous Music Mix buss summing mixers.

Visionary's studio composing station is fully stocked with an endless array of software instruments, samplers and a library of 5,000 beats and loops covering all musical styles. Running Logic Audio, Reason, and Abelton software.

Visionary Music has an extensive collection of boutique and vintage guitars, amplifiers and effects. Classic to contemporary guitar sounds are readily available. While rental costs for these instruments would exceed thousands of dollars per day, at VMG, all guitar gear is included in our affordable day rate.


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