"Tom is a great guitarist, producer, composer, and engineer. Versatile and professional, he can do it all"

Tim Pierce
LA Session Guitarist

(Shinedown, Jason Mraz, Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson & many many more)

" Tom is a real craftsman in the studio...he understands the elements that make a great sounding record and uses them to great effect. I've been very impressed not only by his guitar work but also his talent for mixing...As friends and fellow guitarists we exchange many tips on tone and sound and Tom's suggestions always have been a great help to me."

Michael Thompson

LA Session Guitarist

(Celine Dion, Babyface, Maraih Carey, Shania Twain & many many more)

My name is T.M. Stevens and I've been in the music business for a long time both in the studio and live on stage. I had an emergency situation where a record label needed a track recorded and sent directly back to them in Japan - over night. I called Tom on a Sunday, at a late hour - when most people are relaxing, and he called back almost immediately and booked me in for the following day. As I entered the studio, I felt such a comfortable vibe and relaxing atmosphere. Tom and the Visionary Music staff took good care of me and whatever I needed to get the session done. I relaxed and shedded my nervousness, and we made it !! I look forward to going back to Visionary Music and would recommend this studio to anyone who desires a professional product in a friendly and stress free environment - Keep up the great work!!!

T.M. Stevens
Recording artist, producer
(James Brown, Billy Joel, Pretenders, Steve Vai)

Recording vocals for my new CD with Tom Gioia at Visionary Music Group was such a pleasure. Never the slightest ego or attitude, no matter how many wacky things we wanted to try ! Visionary Music is fast , professional, and a affordable. It's a fabulous work environment. Thanks Again Tom !

Eva LaRue
(Star of CSI: Miami and All My Children)

Working at Visionary Music is always a joy. The atmosphere is friendly and the studio is clean, uncluttered, and 100% efficient. The warm, clear sound that I hear on the final mix is the natural outcome of Tom's supreme dedication to his art, and the fact that he is an exceptionally caring and sensitive human being.

Kermit Driscoll - Bassist
(Bill Frisell, Chet Baker, Buddy Rich, Les Miserables)


Thanks for all of your stellar work on my tracks! It's an honor to work with the Visionary Team. There's no other production team that executes with such precision and musicality, yet, maintains such a keen sense of 'the artist' mentality. Thanks Again!

Matt Colligan


"Working with Tom and Andy is the most incredible experience. I am so thrilled to have two amazing producers in my life and I know that we will continue working together. They rock!"

Jodi Gerver
Singer / Songwriter

Tom Gioia brought his many talents to the table during the recording of my latest album- Act Two. Producer, engineer, arranger, guitarist-extraordinaire. He assembled a stellar cast of players/singers to really bring my ideas to life. Response to the record has been fantastic.

"Fans of John Raido will undoubtedly shake their heads in
wonder at the quantum leap he takes on the appropriately
titled Act Two."
-Jersey Beat
"It is totally and completely clear that this band is just overflowing with an abundance of skill and talent. Each composition is approached and performed with sectional detail and attention to dynamic structure throughout. The skill level of all involved only furthers the complex nature of these original and achieved compositions."
Throughout the entire process, Tom was a true pro who made all involved feel comfortable and relaxed, bringing out the best in everyone. I can't sing his praises enough!

John Raido

Just moving from Switzerland to the US – the capitol of Music production was a big step. And searching for someone to work with an even bigger task then I ever thought. But I was very fortunate and found the best guys out there in my 1st approach, Visionary Music Group. Tom & Andy took their time and listened exactly to what I was looking for and made sure that everything gets done the way I had it in mind. I think for every musician / songwriter / producer it is important to have a good feeling when you’re at work - and that is what these guys do. To anyone out there that wants professional work and a great atmosphere should touch base with Tom & Andy. I highly recommend Visionary Music and would work with them any time again.

Oliver K. Hitz

Swiss Songwriter for Musicstars (American Idol show in Switzerland)
and composer of the official Tour de Suisse song 


It is a pleasure everytime I work with Tom Gioia at Visionary Music. He is the ultimate professional capable of getting great sounds, and has nothing but the highest quality audio tools available. Whether performing a trumpet session, or producing a CD project with Tom as the mix engineer, the sessions have always been productive, enjoyable, and realized their musical vision.

Steve Jankowski 
(Don Henley, Shakira , Chic,The Funk Brothers)


Working with Tom Gioia at Visionary Music Group was a pure pleasure. Tom is very knowledgeable and calm and makes you feel relaxed so that you can concentrate fully on your work. He knows the technical side inside out and is also very good musician so that his input is always helpful.

Hendrik Meurkens - jazz harmonica & vibes
Recording artist

I've known Tom for about 15 years and he's always been on the cutting  edge as far as production, gear and recording - not to mention he's quite the guitarist! I needed some emergency tracks for a NAMM Show presentation. So I called Tom and explained that I needed five tunes, around three minutes long that I could improvise over, preferably in different keys and a few different styles. In less then six hours we were done and I had a set of backing tracks that were completely kikkkn!!! It's always a pleasure to work with Tom. His knowledge of the gear and his musicianship makes the session flow quickly.

Vince Genella


It was a real pleasure to work  at Visionary Music Group on my new CD. Tom Gioia is very professional and responsible. Thank you very much Tom ! and I'll be back soon!

Torben Westergaard

I've known Tom Gioia for several years now. He has always demonstrated a fine musical sensibility and professionalism. He seems to make the client feel comfortable and give them complete freedom to be creative. It's a warm relaxed atmosphere and he's a great hang. It's been a pleasure knowing and working with him.

Frank D. Fagnano - producer/engineer
(Naughty By Nature, Hall & Oates, Tony Bennett)

Great Ears, and Great Gear ! I had an excellent experience mixing my CD at Visionary Music with Tom Gioia engineering. I would recommend Tom and Visionary Music to any artist who is serious about their musical vision.

Tom Timko - Saxophonist
Ratamacue Records recording artist
(Chicago, Tower of Power, Gloria Estefan)

Dear Tom & Andy, I just wanted to thank both of you for producing my songs. Working with you at Visionary Music was a lot fun !
It was honestly such an inspiring and enjoyable experience for me . I have been waiting for so long to hear my songs performed and recorded like this, and this year it finally happened. I am really pleased with how each song turned out, and I couldn’t have asked for them to sound any other way. You both are extremely talented and I am grateful for all the effort you put into each song. Thank you again for all that you’ve helped me accomplish.
 I’ll always appreciate it.
Sincerely your friend,
 Diane Marie Scillieri


What started as an email conversation has become a stepping stone for expanding my work as a session guitarist. Now I can confidently approach professionals with no hesitation at all. I chose Visionary Music Group since Tom Gioia is able to achieve virtually any guitar sound on the fly with his extensive arsenal of high end guitars and amplifiers. The quality of sound that Tom has created is way beyond what I imagined, and his production skills have turned my potentially boring guitar style examples into interesting works of music. Thank you Visionary!
Sean Clark

Visionary Music Group is the only place I would ever go to when it comes to recording my music, and Tom Gioia is the only person I would work with. He is a phenomenal musician and producer, and also the most caring, and honest person I have ever worked with. The first time I heard one of his mixes of my songs, I was blown away by the sound quality. He is very patient, working with me until I got the exact sound I was looking for. Tom also suggested a lot of great idea's that made major improvements to my music, while always trying to make me feel very comfortable in the studio. It's people like Tom that make this world a better place.

Tom Uzzalino

The first thing that comes to mind when I reflect on my experience at Visionary Music Group is Tom Gioia's complete commitment to the quality of the music, and the artist. Being such a diverse musician himself, he brings a level of musical understanding and creativity to a project that is invaluable. His suggestions are insightful, his ear is masterful, and his calming and kind personality makes working with him a true pleasure. I came to Visionary Music with pretty good rough mixes, and left with a great album. Thank you Tom.

Craig Maierhofer, Singer/Songwriter

Tom Gioia is an artist of exceptional skill and an encyclopedic knowledge of musical styles and textures. Working at Visionary Music was a creative, invigorating process. I found it remarkable how Tom selected just the right sounds, instrumentation, and musicians for each song, bringing the whole project to life.My first CD, a children's record, was completed at Visionary. It became so popular it is on regular rotation nightly on WXPN, Philadelphia, " Kid's Corner " program, and was chosen " Album of the Week " last April. Honestly, the songs are strong, but it is Tom's production that keeps people listening. I am currently completing my new CD at Visionary Music Group with Tom Gioia producing. His creativity and keen instincts have again sent me on a musical journey, where I grow as much as my songs do.

Mike Kelly - singer/songwriter

Tom is the kind of person that makes you feel comfortable as soon as you meet with him. Within moments of our first conversation I already felt a great vibe and excitement, for my project. His open mind and complete attention makes discussing your songs a lot easier - to me the most important thing you want from a producer. Tom selects his top notch "Visionary Music Group session cats" specifically for your project. Add this all up with his enormous musical, engineering/production talent and you have yourself one great piece of music. In my case, when you are done with your recording, add another great friend.

Edgar - singer/songwriter

Visionary Music Group is an amazing resource for the serious, independent musician. Tom Gioia brings a wealth of recording experience, top-shelf session players and a completely professional attitude and work ethic to your project.
I can't wait to start my next project at VMG!

Dan Young
Songwriter/ Musician

Tom & Andy, I just wanted to say thank you for everything you’ve done on the song ! Even when I didn’t think I could pull it off, you still believed in me, and that says a lot ! Visionary Music ... Yeah we did it! 
Thanks Again.

Kelly Slagter 

Working with Tom Gioia at Visionary Music has been a pleasant and educational experience. In addition to having great equipment, Tom has the knowledge and experience to make a performer's sound come to life. I highly recommend any musicians or bands contact Tom Gioia of Visionary Music Group when making the commitment to record their next compact disc.

Brian Murray
The Cosmic American Derelicts

My recording experiences at Visionary Studios have always been rewarding ones. Since I am a novice in the studio, I felt quite overwhelmed. Prior to the start of recording Tom Gioia explained the whole process in simple terms, as well as listened to my input, and ideas. The combination of his professional insight and patience made me feel totally relaxed and confident. He really took the time to make my project a state of the art success.

Mitch Herzog - Skyline Drive Orchestras

Working with Tom Gioia at Visionary Music Group has always been a great experience. Tom's creativity, production and mixing techniques always astound me. My expectations are always exceeded with each project . Working with Tom is always a relaxed, and enjoyable atmosphere. I’m looking forward to working with Tom Gioia and Visionary Music for all my future projects.

Andrew Kopacz - Singer / Songwriter

Recording at Visionary Music is a delight. No attitude, no hype, and no excuses. Best of all, Tom Gioia has a great set of ears and ideas which results in a recording experience that truly brings the music to life.

Tim Keiningham - singer / songwriter

Tom, words really fall short of conveying to you how thankful we are to have had you produce our first CD. You have a God given gift of multi musical talents, and we so appreciate how you have shared these gifts with us. Your musical skills as a producer/engineer/guitar player/arranger and mixer !, really exceeded our expectations we had when we began this CD. You organized, shaped, and molded an enormous number of fragmented ideas, and then balanced all these elements in our final mix, the results of which are amazing. Time and time again you went above and beyond to make our project work. You were never anything but patient dealing with our inexperience regarding completion of a professional CD. Jack and I thank you for the fantastic job you have done. We greatly look forward to having Tom Gioia and Visionary Music Group produce our next CD. God bless you.

Lindee & Jack Bingham - Music ministers

Tom is the kind of person that makes you feel comfortable as soon as you meet with him. Within moments of our first conversation I already felt a great vibe and excitement, for my project. The combination of his professional insight and patience made me feel totally relaxed and confident. Working at Visionary Music has been a pleasant and educational experience. In addition to having great equipment, Tom has the knowledge and experience to make a performer's sound come to life. I highly recommend any musicians or bands contact Tom Gioia of Visionary Music Group when making the commitment to record their next CD. I'm looking forward to working with Tom and Visionary Music for all my future projects.

Ian Gallagher
Solo artist