Pro Tools

Avid ProTools HDX2
2 Lynx Aurora 16 VT I/O
3 Lynx Aurora 16 I/O
80 channels of Analog and AES I/O
Avid Sync HD
Antelope Audio OCX –V Word Clock

Analog Mixdown

2 Dangerous Music 2 Buss LTs
32 channels of Lynx Aurora VT into the DM2BLT analog mix section
All mixes are summed "out of the box"

Plug Ins

United Audio Octo Ultimate- all UA plugs with max processing
Valhalla Vintage Verb, Room, Shimmer, Uber Mod & Freq Echo
Brainworx v2
SPL Transient Designer &Passeq EQ
Maag EQ4
Waves SSL, API & Neve Collections
Waves JJP (Jack Joseph Puig) Collection
Waves CLA Classic Compressors
Waves Gold Bundle
Sony Oxford EQ (with GML option) & Dynamics
Eventide Anthology II Bundle - all of their plug ins !
Eventide Reverb
McDSP – Filter Bank, Compressor Bank,Analog Channel, Channel G & ML4000
Sound Toys – all of their plug ins!, Sound Blender, Pitch Doctor. Pure Pitch, Speed, Crystalizer, Tremulator, Filter Freak Phase Mistress, Decapitator, Devil Loc Deluxe, Micro Pitch Shift & Radiator
Princeton Digital 2016 Reverb
Izotope Trash & RX2
Sans Amp
Audioease Altiverb & Speakerphone
Massey DRT & Desser
Slate Bundle
Sound Raddix


API 2500 compressor
Tube Tech CL1b compressor
Empirical Labs EL 8 Distressors (5 channels)
2 Universal Audio 1176 LN compressors
GML 8900 Dynamic Range Controller compressor / limiter (2 channel)
Retro Instruments Sta – Level compressor
Retro Instruments 176 compressor 


GML 8200 5 band , parametric (2 channel)
Manley 2 channel Pultec tube EQ
2 API 550b EQs
3 Tonelux EQ5p
3 Great River Harrison EQs
LA samples & Virtual Tape Machine


4 Lexicon PCM42 Digital Delays
1974 Maestro EP3 Echoplex
2 Eventide Eclipse v4

Mic Preamplifiers

GML 8304 (4 channel, Class A)
Neve 1272 Brent Averill (4 channel Class A)
API 312 Brent Averill with Jensen transformers(10 channels)
BAE Audio Neve 1073 MPF (2 channel Neve 1073 Class A)


Apple Mac Pro 2.4 ghz 8 core with 16 gig of ram, 2 Apple 20" Cinema Display Monitors
Apple iMac 2.5 ghz 24 gigs of ram
Samsung 27’ LCD Monitor wired to Mac Pro


Event 20 / 20 bas (biamped powered)
Yamaha NS10ms
Sony Boom Box


All Mogami, and Apogee digital

Online music production