Gibson Wildwood Spec 59 Les Paul
Gibson 1960 Les Paul Special Historic VOS
Gibson Custom Shop Historic 64 335 Reissue
Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul 58 Reissue tuned down to D, Suhr Doug Aldrich pickups
Gibson Les Paul Studio Baritone with EMG 60 & 85 pickups
'61 Gibson 335 with original PAF Pickups
Gibson Historic Woody Guthrie Southern Jumbo Acoustic
Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Deluxe Gold Top Historic Collection Reissue
all Gibson Electrics retro fitted with Tone Pros bridges & tailpieces and Tonepros Kluson tuners
James Tyler Classic Strat- 3 tone Sunburst, Alder Body & Maple neck w/ Suhr V60 LP Pickups & Suhr Silent Single Coil system
James Tyler Classic Strat- Sherwood Green, Alder Body & Rosewood board w/ 3 Kerry Learned 64 Pickups & Illitch Silent Single Coil system
Michael Tuttle Carved Top Standard
Michael Tuttle Telecaster
Rickenbacker 660 12 String
Jerry Jones Baritone, Electric Sitar & Shorty Octave 12 String
Martin D28 Clarence White Acoustic - rosewood back & sides Adirondack spruce top !
Ovation Anniversary Acoustic – Nashville tuning
Yamaha APX Nylon String Acoustic
Yamaha Guitele
Tacoma Papoose Tenor Acoustic
Fender 5 String Jazz Bass
Fender Reissue Jazz Bass
Duisenberg Starplayer TV Fullerton


Guitar Amplifiers

1969 Marshall 50 watt Aluminum head Model 1987 brought to Plexi spec
1969 Marshall JMP Small Box (NOS Mullard tubes)
1989 Marshall 2555 Silver Jubilee
1967 Blackface Fender Showman head (classic 6L6 sound)
1966 Blackface Fender Bassman head (classic Fender sound)
1990 Naylor Super Drive 60
Diezel VH4
Matchless HC30 (killer Vox AC 30 TB w/ EL 84s)
Divided by 13 RSA 23
Bogner 4 x 12 uberkab loaded with 90's British Celestion Vintage 30's and 75's
Kerry Wright 4 x 12 cabinet loaded with Vintage 1976 Celestion “ Blackback “ speakers
Kerry Wright 2 x 12 closed back cabinet with vintage Greenbacks
Kerry Wright 2 x 12 open back cabinet loaded with Celestion G12H speakers
THD Hot Plate Attenuator
Weber Z Matcher
Custom Audio Electronics Reamp & Multiple Amp Distributor- now capable of running three amps simultaneously!
All wiring in guitar rig and amps Mogami 2254


Pedal & Effects

RMC Picture Wha
RMC "10" Wha
Vemuram Pedals Jan Ray, Shanks 3K treble booster, Shanks 4K Fuzz
Digitech Whammy
Berkos efx- Third Stone Fuzz
1974 MXR Script Logo Dyna Comp compressor
1981 MXR Micro Flanger
1975 MXR Phase 90 w Script Logo
1974 Electroharmonix Small Stone Phaser
1975 MXR Phase 100, Script Logo
Electroharmonix Talking Machine, POG2, Riddle Q, Micro Synth
KR Megavibe
Vintage Roger Mayer Voodoo –1 Boost
XTS Tehas Boost and Modded Boss GE7 EQ
Dunlop Joe Bonamassa FETDriver, Dunlop Bass Compressor, Hendrix Octavio, & CAE Boost
Menatone Red Snapper
Xotic Effects SP Compressor
Nobels ODr1 Overdrive
Empress Tremelo
Neo Ventilator Leslie Pedal
Hartman Flanger
Lovepedal Black Beauty Balance Fuzz / Treble Booster & Cot 50
Boss Slicer
Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive Mod & Giggity
2 Eventide H9 Max
Korg DT 200 Tuner
Boss FV500L Volume pedal
All pedals routed by 2 RJM Effect Gizmos with Mogami 2254 and custom LA Sound Design buffers
2 Eventide Eclipse V4 processors
4 Lexicon PCM42s
Custom Audio Electronics Reamp & Multiple Amp Distributor


Pro Tools

Avid ProTools HDX2
2 Lynx Aurora 16 VT I/O
3 Lynx Aurora 16 I/O
80 channels of Analog and AES I/O
Avid Sync HD
Antelope Audio OCX –V Word Clock


Analog Mixdown

2 Dangerous Music 2 Buss LTs
32 channels of Lynx Aurora VT into the DM2BLT analog mix section
All mixes are summed "out of the box"


Plug Ins

United Audio Octo Ultimate- all UA plugs with max processing
Valhalla Vintage Verb, Room, Shimmer, Uber Mod & Freq Echo
Brainworx v2
SPL Transient Designer &Passeq EQ
Maag EQ4
Waves SSL, API & Neve Collections
Waves JJP (Jack Joseph Puig) Collection
Waves CLA Classic Compressors
Waves Gold Bundle
Sony Oxford EQ (with GML option) & Dynamics
Eventide Anthology II Bundle - all of their plug ins !
Eventide Reverb
McDSP – Filter Bank, Compressor Bank,Analog Channel, Channel G & ML4000
Sound Toys – all of their plug ins!, Sound Blender, Pitch Doctor. Pure Pitch, Speed, Crystalizer, Tremulator, Filter Freak Phase Mistress, Decapitator, Devil Loc Deluxe, Micro Pitch Shift & Radiator
Line 6 Pod Farm Platinum
Princeton Digital 2016 Reverb
Izotope Trash & RX2
Sans Amp
Audioease Altiverb & Speakerphone
Massey DRT & Desser
Slate FG-X, Virtual Console Collection, Trigger, SDD4 Drum Sam



Tube Tech CL1b compressor
Empirical Labs EL 8 Distressors (5 channels)
2 Universal Audio 1176 LN compressors
GML 8900 Dynamic Range Controller compressor / limiter (2 channel)
Retro Instruments Sta – Level compressor
Retro Instruments 176 compressor ples with C



GML 8200 5 band , parametric (2 channel)
Manley 2 channel Pultec tube EQ
2 API 550b EQs
3 Tonelux EQ5p
3 Great River Harrison EQs
LA samples & Virtual Tape Machine



TC 1210 Chorus / Spatial Expander
4 Lexicon PCM42 Digital Delays
1974 Maestro EP3 Echoplex
2 Eventide Eclipse v4


Mic Preamplifiers

GML 8304 (4 channel, Class A)
Neve 1272 Brent Averill (4 channel Class A)
API 312 Brent Averill with Jensen transformers(10 channels)
BAE Audio Neve 1073 MPF (2 channel Neve 1073 Class A)



Apple Mac Pro 2.4 ghz 8 core with 16 gig of ram, 2 Apple 20" Cinema Display Monitors
Apple iMac 2.5 ghz 24 gigs of ram
Samsung 27’ LCD Monitor wired to Mac Pro 



Event 20 / 20 bas (biamped powered)
Yamaha NS10ms
Sony Boom Box



All Mogami, and Apogee digital

Online music production